Work! Work! Work!

Work! Work! Work!

Work! Work! Work! is a participatory game designed by artist David McLeavy. Developed for Art Sheffield 2016, the game brought together artists and artist groups from across the country with the intention to encourage collaboration through play.

Work Work Work 72Dpi Front
Work Work Work 72Dpi Back

Taking existing games as a starting point Work! Work! Work! drew upon different aspects of skateboarding, volleyball and the fictional Quidditch. A limited edition publication accompanied the game and was available for free at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, The Tetley, Leeds and S1 Artspace, Sheffield.

Work Work Work 72Dpi Spread

We worked with David over the design of the publication which served as a means to both document the initial playing of the game in Sheffield and provide instructions for readers to start their own versions. Using different hues of purple and green our colour palate reflected the games influences of Hogwarts uniforms, volleyball bibs and contemporary trainer designs. It is the colour of our old P.E kits and squeaking shoes on a gym hall floor. Taking the school influence further, we treated the photographs throughout the publication in one colour, a nod to black and white images of sporting achievements in the local paper.

Work Work Work Poster
Work Work Work 72Dpi Crop

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