There and Back

There and Back

Drawing is taking a line for a walk

Paul Klee

Referencing Paul Klee’s statement “drawing is taking a line for a walk”, we took it for a drive instead, developing a series of sketchbook car drawings.

There And Back 1
There And Back 2

We were driven (pardon the pun) by the work of Philip Guston, Saul Steinberg, Paul Klee, Cubism, Jim Flora and Cliff Roberts among others, driving our lines through an amalgamation of styles.

There And Back 4
There And Back 5

It’s interesting how your situation influences your practice. The project developed into a comment about commuting and the amount of time many of us spend sat in traffic contemplating the various other lines of our daily journeys to and from the studio.

There And Back Crop


A boxed set of five double sided screen prints and one single sided screen printed header sheet, plus screen printed box linings and belly band, printed on 300gsm off white Munken paper.


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