The Tactile Image

The Tactile Image

A photography exhibition based on the work of Clive Egginton, September 2014

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Following Clive’s unexpected diagnosis of brain cancer and resulting loss of sight his colleagues, friends and family developed The Tactile Image as a means to encourage Clive to remain connected to photography, a vital part of his identity. Working with photos from Clive’s archive as well as from fellow practitioners Andy Brown, Nathan Gibson, Rosy Nesbitt and Gemma Thorpe, the exhibition presented a series of images printed with the experimental Didú technique. Developed by Spanish design studio Estudios Durero, Didú prints images with a shallow relief enabling photographs to be felt with the hands, presenting a new means to experience and access visual images.

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With Clive’s iconic portrait of local boxer Dave Howe the primary image of the exhibition — large boxing gloved hands held above his head, silky shorts around his waist — the Didú technique was showcased in all its magical tactility and the humour, sensitivity and honesty of Clive’s work was brought out in full.

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Two booklets were designed to run alongside the exhibition containing full descriptions of each of the exhibited photographs. One was produced in braille with tactile images and the other in large print aiding blind and partially sighted visitors to better interpret each image.  

The exhibition was supported by the RNIB and Festival of the Mind, The University of Sheffield


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