The Champions

The Champions

The Champions is an organisation founded by Nic Newling, a mental health advocate from Sydney, Australia. Aimed at young people, The Champions work to improve mental health and overcome illness by championing sharing; sharing personal stories of mental health to encourage awareness, support and empowerment.

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Working closely with Nic we discussed the potential impact and positive ramifications of sharing were it to occur on the scale of a protest - envisioning young people rising up to share their emotions, experiences and ideas in a strong and collective voice.

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Harnessing the ethos of a protest movement we devised a simple typographic with a playful twist. The design factored in blank space to facilitate and encourage other people’s stories to be printed and shared, enabling Nic to create new material in response to his ongoing workshops and talks. 

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The final design provided a cost-efficient solution to Nic’s brief, incorporating the potential for change and growth without diluting the quality of The Champions message.

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