As an illustrator, Mick’s work often begins with a client led brief. For a self-promotional piece, Mick turned this idea on its head – instead asking friends, colleagues and other designers to produce pieces of writing that responded to his illustrations – questioning the nature of the illustration process.

Pap Cover

In order to litho-print the internal pages (to retain the intensity of the colour of the images) whilst staying within the relatively small self-promotional budget we had to get creative with format. 

Research into folding techniques enabled us to create a chunky, tactile book that allowed multiple pages for content from only a single B1 sheet, therefore reducing cost and requiring the minimum amount of finishing at the printers.

Pap Inside Cover
Pap Spread 1
Pap Spread 2
Pap Spread 3

A happy accident of the accordion fold design was that when mishandled, the book took on a life of its own – spilling its guts (so to speak) and demanding the attention of the viewer – and feels unapologetically impolite in doing so. The result is a book that does not behave the way a book ‘ought’ to – by quietly waiting to be read – much like Mick does not take on the role of backseat illustrator, passively waiting for briefs to come to him.

Pap Spread 4
Pap Inside Back
Pap Back


Four colour litho print on 150gsm Metaphor. Two colour screen printed greyboard covers. Two colour litho wrap (on 320gsm Cairn Straw white) Cow gum.

Pap Crop

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