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Working with N17, a brewery based in Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland we developed the identity for the company which has community and sustainability at its heart.

Making the most of underused resources — from the materials, water, and energy used in the brewing process to the expertise of N17’s community of members and professional network, founder Sarah Roarty sees a unique value in each ingredient, process and person.

"we see value in everything and everyone"

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Squeezing every last drop from the traditionally waste heavy brewing process, Sarah uses the spent grain and nutrient rich water of beer making in dog treats, granola bars and mushroom cultivation. N17 have at least 8 different products to roll out over the coming years, all from the ‘waste’ of brewing. With a focus on maximizing the potential of all aspects of brewing, N17 offers employment opportunities to people based on their abilities and skillset. Helping people find work that is right for them to ensure that every person can add value and be valued in the workplace.

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"In a linear production system, it’s take-make-waste. Because of the waste, we have first-world problems. So, you have to refocus that lens, and look at the waste as a resource. You look at the inputs and the energy when you are making beer, and you realise that in brewing, only 8 per cent of the finished product is beer, and 92 per cent is waste. So, how do you close the loop? How do you use resources so that everything travels from cradle to cradle?”


N17 has a rich and captivating story embodied by Sarah and her passionate ethos for the company. As such, it seemed only fitting to build the identity of the brand around her voice. A logo symbolising the humble pint as the bedrock of her plans is supported by long-copy telling fragments of the N17 story. Every bottle, beer mat and label gives Sarah an opportunity to tell N17’s story, and the consumer the chance to read it between sips. Paintings by Sarah's daughter, Clara, were used to differentiate between products, introducing a splash of colour and communicating the importance N17 place on people as well as products.

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The best from each the best for all, one step at a time. That's the N17 way.


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