FEAST Online

FEAST Online

Devised by curator and writer, Laura Mansfield, FEAST is a series of publications that explore our relationship with food as a social event, a marker of identity, a product of history and a commodity for trade.

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Having produced three printed editions of FEAST Laura worked with Elisa Oliver to develop the project into an online publication.  Laura was keen to keep the look and feel of the online platform as close to the original printed versions as possible whilst being able to expand the amount and format of the featured content. We worked with Laura to explore possibilities over image placement, a slower user interface and a design that enabled comfortable reading. Launching in January 2016, a series of three digital editions have been published taking the themes Cutlery, Decoration and The Meal. Each edition features artist’s works, academic essays, creative writing and moving image and audio. Designed using a flexible CMS system Laura has freedom to curate the visual lay out and placement of works throughout each edition whilst maintaining a consistent design identity.

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In conjunction with the online content Laura and Elisa have curated a programme of satellite events working in particular with The Home Studies Collection, a collection of cookery books and domestic manuals held at Special Collections, Manchester Metropolitan University. The events have extended the online content through artists talks and commissions.  

Alongside the design and development of FEAST dust work regularly with Laura on events, dinners and publications in relation to the FEAST project.

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