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Devised by curator and writer, Laura Mansfield, FEAST is a series of publications that explore our relationship with food as a social event, a marker of identity, a product of history and a commodity for trade.

To date three printed editions of publication have been distributed. Taking the themes of Indulgence, Digestion and Waste each edition combined articles on contemporary arts practices with recipes, food histories and literary narratives in an eclectic mix that aimed to explore, highlight and question the varied roles food and its associated practices hold. Based on old imperial-sized cook books, the design of the printed publications drew upon the typeface and style of ‘Mrs Beeton's Cookery’: elegant justified text complimented by a chunky sans serif.

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The printed editions traced a journey through the body, drawing upon the different and varied associations each stage of consumption entails. Mirroring the different pathways of the digestive system we experimented with page numbers, morphing and breaking down throughout each edition.

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Having worked through the body Laura collaborated with Elisa Oliver to develop FEAST into an online publication. Launching in January 2016, a series of four digital editions have been published exploring the overarching theme of “Setting The Table” - Cutlery, Decoration, The Meal and Spaces for Eating.


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