Archive Sheffield

Archive Sheffield

Newspaper design for Archive Sheffield — a photography collective who document the unseen life and lives of Sheffield. 

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An archive by definition is an accumulation of historical material. Archives consist of records – letters, photographs, books, films, administrative documents and personal affects that have been selected for permanent or long-term preservation on the grounds of their enduring value, carefully housed, collated and cared for.

So how can you start an archive of the present, capturing and preserving the active life of a city?

Sheffield is not a place, it is people.

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Archive Sheffield — Issue 2

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Archive Sheffield — Issue 1

Clive Egginton formed Archive Sheffield in 2010, collaborating with four other photographers to create images that depicted, celebrated and documented the ever changing face of the city’s population, creating a contemporary record, or archive, for future generations. At the heart of the project was a belief that by reporting human experience accurately, honestly and with an overriding sense of social responsibility, it will serve to provide a credible source of images for decades to come.

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Publishing the images in an occasional free newspaper Archive Sheffield was intended to encourage engagement and dialogue between as wide an audience as possible - challenging the contained and confined convention of the traditional archive and transposing it onto the ever changing nature of the contemporary cityscape.

The 16-page publication afforded a double-sided pullout for each of the four contributing photographers. Viewable as a separate entity when unbound, the juxtaposition of the projects when combined generated new narratives between previously unrelated projects, mirroring the idiosyncratic and infinitely diverse stories of Sheffield.

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"Even Wigan is beautiful compared to Sheffield" George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier

With a wealth of often derogatory quotes about Sheffield to work with, we decided to embrace the negative stereotype, (a stereotype which Art Sheffield should to pull apart and make complex), and use one such quote on the publication cover. Using typefaces from Sheffield-based type foundry Stephenson Blake the city visually stamped its identity on the infamous quote.


Web offset newspaper, B4 one-colour litho print colour (not sure of stock — probably Cylcus!), bound using metal paper fasteners.


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