50 Things To Do

50 Things To Do
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50 things is a diary, a treasure book and a learning tool. Collaborating with Julian Wood, the deputy head of Wybourn School, Sheffield we developed a workbook that playfully encourages pupils to undertake a series of activities from the everyday to the adventurous. Throughout the book children are asked to document tasks from the simple acts of planting a seed or picking blackberries to the bigger adventures of visiting London, going crabbing and eating exotic food. Each time a child completes one of the listed tasks, or takes part in an activity, they receive a stamp from one of their teachers. In order to receive the stamp they have to show some evidence of the task completed – the ‘evidence’ can be anything from the crumbs of a cake, to photos of a fishing trip or a drawing of their snowman.

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50 things encourages parents to get on board with their children’s schooling, not with the often painful battle of learning times tables or checking spellings but through the active aspect of learning; of doing things together and documenting the results. It is about a way of being in the world that encourages exploration, curiosity and confidence. It is, furthermore, a work book that is a great leveler – every child in the school will have accrued the same 50 experiences as any other (more or less). They will have worked through their books collectively, instilling a shared confidence in their abilities and immense pride in their school and community.

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The workbook has its origins in a plainer publication by the National Trust, but scaled up to 50 tasks it becomes something to treasure beyond the primary school years. The books is colourful, bold and sturdy. It is designed to be used, to be carried from place to place - to be put down in the sand or read on the grass. Made to last the 5 years of primary school the series of tasks document a child’s journey from reception to juniors and the range of activities that will have informed their learning experiences. Taking inspiration from Paul Rand’s children’s books the simple aesthetic illustrates each of the 50 tasks in a paired back pallet that has an echo of Dick Buna’s iconic illustrations.

The books cost £3 a unit, and have now been distributed to every child in the school. In the future, we will be working with Wybourn to roll-out the concept as a Wybourn product, to other schools in the region, encouraging active learning, shared experiences and an unwavering curiosity in the world.


48 page book, 2000 micron grey board outer,  270gsm Colourplan mandarin, 140gsm Cyclus offset. 4 colour Litho printed and foil embossed.


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