Vague Terrain

Vague Terrain

Publication design for Joanne Lee’s fourth edition of Pam Flett Press. Following an artists’ visit to the derelict Spode factory in Stoke on Trent, Jo produced Vague Terrain – a series of written pieces that explores the idea of wasteland, the derelict fringe where city meets rural. 

Dust Vague Terrain 1

Jo’s first hand encounter with the Spode site heavily influenced the design process – with colour choices being pulled from the classic blue glaze that Spode was synonymous with, as well as the orange rust that the building is gradually surrendering to. 

Typographically, the footnotes that Jo produced alongside the text were designed to bleed into the main text – ignoring the margin – to draw on the idea of the terrain vague. Many offices within the site looked like they had been left mid­way through a working day, with paperwork and stationery strewn across desks and bookshelves. With this in mind – the publication was intended to replicate this – using multiple page sizes, stocks and processes to replicate the feeling of a bundle of hurriedly collected documents. 

The first version was produced for an exhibition in which Jo was displaying some of the photographs she had taken at the site. Subsequently, using an iterative design process, the full publication was designed at a later stage. Due to the restrictions on the budget these were hand bound in the studio, with the screen printed broadsheet and tipped­in envelope being hole punched manually, then collected together and bound with metal paper fasteners.

Vague Terrain Crop

Once again, Jo’s work manages to highlight the beautiful in the mundane through observing it in a new light; in the same vein, even a simple brown office envelope or sheet of newspaper can become an intriguing hiding place for information when curated into pages of a book. 


First edition for exhibition: Four digitally printed saddle­stitch booklets, digitally printed. Full publication: Two colour litho print publication on mixed stocks (140gsm cyclus, 120gsm Papago medium blue). Four page web offset broadsheet paper, with screen printed overlay. Office envelopes with photocopied document on Conqueror office paper. Bound using metal document fasteners. 


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