On Shared Ground

On Shared Ground
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On Shared Ground is a project by the Researching Community Heritage team at the University of Sheffield. The project examined the connected and disconnected networks of community participation in heritage research — groups or individuals who have connections and relationships with specific heritage landscapes, but are not directly involved in the histories relating to those sites. The project sought to provide participants with new ways to encounter the heritage of their local landscape, fostering links and connections both within the immediate community, and to similar communities and landscapes across the UK.

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The project took place in three towns that were originally hill forts: Mary’s Hill, Cardiff; Wincobank Hill, Sheffield and Bennachie, Aberdeen. The Researching Community Heritage team worked with community groups and academics in each location as well as with the artist Paul Evans to promote the care and use of these unique spaces. The documentation for the project took the form of a series of transcriptions of spoken word recollections from participants on the project.

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Working with the parameters of the project – the three different sites and the history of each landscape ­— our designs used the physical distances between the participating communities as a means to map the layout of text. Coloured round stickers mark out the respective distances between the participating towns as well as highlight quotes from participants in each area that the research was undertaken.

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The small red dots echo target markers - a nod to the heritage of the hill fort sites and the suggestion of observing, surveying and defending the landscape of the community that has made it their home.


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