N17 Brewery

N17 Brewery

Identity for N17, a brewery based in Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland.

N17 Logo Black
N17 Bottles White Caps

The best from each,
the best for all,
one step at a time.
That's The N17 Way.

N17 Granola

Inspired by the wastefulness of the brewing process, founder Sarah Roarty's brewery squeezes every last drop from the brewing process instead. 

By getting the best from each place, product, person and process, Sarah's brewery is the first example of her vision of what a business should be: one that creates truly fine products that benefit us all.

N17 Broken Bottles

As Sarah's story is so rich, and the way she talks about it so captivating and passionate, it seemed only fitting to build the identity around her tone of voice. 

A logo symbolising the humble pint as the bedrock of her plans is supported by long-copy telling fragments of the N17 story. Every bottle, beer mat and label gives Sarah an opportunity to tell her story, and her audience a chance to read it in those quiet moments between mouthfuls. 

Paintings by Sarah's daughter, Clara, were then used to differentiate between products by introducing a splash of colour. 


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