Going Public

Going Public

Campaign, publicity and branding for an arts programme in Sheffield.

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“Who are the philanthropists of the future, and what role do public galleries and private collections play in bringing great art to everyone?”

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Going Public — International Art Collectors in Sheffield brought together four leading European private collections for a series of world-class exhibitions in five galleries and public spaces across the city.

Going Public showcased highlights from the dslcollection, the Cattelain Collection, the Marzona Collection and the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection. Featuring rarely displayed pieces from internationally renowned artists, including Jake & Dinos Chapman, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Sol LeWitt and more.

Led by Museums Sheffield with project originators Sebastien Montabonel and Mark Doyle, Going Public was the catalyst for a necessary debate about the relationship between public galleries and private collectors in the 21st century. The first of its kind in the UK, championing how philanthropy can work with the public sector to ensure the continued survival and flourishing of culture, in the face of cuts to arts funding.

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What is more public than a Urinal?  

The idea developed from Marcel Duchamp's Fountain. The formation of the holes on Duchamp's urinal, and other replicas, were taken as a starting point.

Five formations were developed and each assigned to a collection/venue in the exhibition. Used to obscure imagery, for wayfinding or to simply to add ‘intrigue’. The formations — a simple circle acted as a graphic device that became part of the bigger campaign and typographic identity.

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