Corridor8 is a not-for-profit platform for contemporary visual arts and writing in the North of England. In 1968 Michael Butterworth, the journal’s publisher, founded, and for many years ran, the literary magazine, Corridor. In 2010 he resurrected Corridor as a contemporary arts and writing journal, Corridor8. Since reigniting the project Michael has printed 3 editions of the journal exploring and profiling the vibrant arts and writing of the north. We have worked closely with Michael since the journal’s redevelopment considering its design and distribution as well as contributing to its growing ambitions.

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Corridor8 Issue#1 took the theme of Art and The Supercity looking at architect Will Alsop’s proposal for an urban corridor stretching from Liverpool to Hull. The design took a broadsheet format – supersizing the standard journal to create an immersive reading experience and give space to a series of maps that featured as part of the content, from Alsop’s illustrations of the Supercity to an overview of independent art spaces across the corridor.

As part of the Journal’s launch writer Ian Sinclair walked from the city’s airport to the centre of Manchester. The writer’s journey marked his first walk outside of London and prompted him to later travel the entire Supercity corridor on bus. Sinclair’s walk was developed into an audio guide and accompanying map with curator Laura Mansfield.

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Corridor8 Issue#2 considered the north as an extensive stretch that reached beyond the urban centre of Alsop’s Supercity to the rural edges of the UK. The journal featured artist’s residencies and projects that embraced the remote from artist Tapio Måkelå sounds of the ocean depths to Snæbjörnsdóttir and Wilson’s project nanoq: flat out and bluesome containing 10 taxidermied polar bears and Ólafur Ólafsson’s atmospheric installations. The artist’s projects section was guest curated by Alex Lapp, current director of MEWO Kunsthalle Memmingen. Ian Sinclair’s journey for the first edition was printed as a literary feature, weaving a thread of associative references from urban city centres out to the rural edges of the northern corridor. Working in response to the content our design for Issue#2 was compact and portable – something to read on remote wanderings and northern excursions.

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Corridor8 Issue#3 took a different approach, working closely with guest editor Bryony Bond, current Creative Director of The Tetley, Leeds we divided the annual publication into a series of quarterly pieces of print, featuring varied aspects of the northern art scene from art schools to collectors and from artist led spaces to commercial galleries. The design of each section was devised to fit together to form a large annual in the vein of the previous editions. The quarterly format demonstrated a regular readership and a demand for more frequent content informing Corridor8’s current incarnation as an online platform for contemporary art and writing.

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With Lara Eagleton as executive editor Corridor8 online publishes reviews, features, interviews and experimental writing that reflects the vibrant art scenes and cultural events taking place across the North. Designed and developed by dust associates SB-PH the new website features commissioned writing alongside regular reviews and interviews.

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