COPY is an artist-led platform for practice that experiments widely with text, narrative, language and publishing, often operating at the intersection of visual art, writing and performance. We have worked with COPY founders writer Joanna Loveday and artist Charlotte A Morgan on a series of publications that are part of their ongoing project.

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Produced as part of print it: COPY in residence at Site Gallery 2012, COPY Papers contains a series of texts from artists who participated in the residency alongside four commissioned artists prints. Playing with the ‘papers’ theme we combined standard A4 paper in both landscape and portrait formats.  

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Alternating landscape and portrait pages the final publication feels like a pile of rapidly gathered papers. Constructed ‘live’ as part of the residency events the loose feel of the pages was enhanced by the collective process of production – folded, shuffled and stapled by many different hands.

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Following a residency at the Wild Pansy Press Project Space, University of Leeds, Loveday and Morgan produced COPY Parasdiso. The publication functions as a guide for a writer’s retreat weaving together images from the Leeds University campus alongside writing on idealised and fictional spaces for retreat. As a one colour risograph print on rough coated paper the publication echoes with suggestions of notebooks, fanzines, faded photos and imagined spaces of memory.

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COPY Unfold is a publication of artist’s works and writing which respond to or enact a state of being ‘in process’ - the resolved and unresolved the drafted and rewritten. Our design followed the unfold theme, taking one large sheet and folding into a smaller booklet format. The publication can be unfolded and refolded, constantly in a state of transformation between being clearly readable and visually entangled.

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COPY at the table was an afternoon of performance and reading at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe. Presented in a converted 19th Century Parish Church and formed around a three course meal, the event explored ways in which the echoes of the building’s previous functions resonated through its current use as a place of display, exhibition and education. 

Taking the dining table as our primary focus our design used the dimensions of the table as a means to position and define the layout of the content. With contributions taking different forms — from hand written text to photographs and typographic lists the table proportions were a framework to bind and combine the diversity of content, reflecting the various conversations and actions that occurred around the central table throughout the course of the day.

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