British Airways Alicante

British Airways Alicante

Illustration for British Airways short haul campaign. Commissioned by BBH.

Alicante Close Up

Crab, fish and L detail

Holidays in the sun, sangria, sandcastles

and sea.

Mick Marston’s illustration for British Airways’ Alicante campaign transforms the letters of the town’s name into an ensemble of holidaying figures doused in the colours of the Spanish flag. The A is a flamenco dancer; the T is a t-shirt (or possibly a sunburn), the L and I a waiter’s arms carrying a stereotypical jug of sangria. The illustration plays on British expectations of ‘a holiday in the sun’ - bright, busy and playful, populated by beaches and fueled by alcohol and good food. Yet, the curve of Marston’s typography gives a subtle nod to the architecture of the city’s Cathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari and contemporary design projects that link historic centre to the beachfront. From medieval buildings to modernism and the recent looping chrome bridge by bg studio architects, Alicante is much more than just another British beach holiday. Choosing not to use a photograph or image per se, Marsden keeps the charms of the town open for our own discovery, the lettering conveys the lively atmosphere of a holiday in the sun. Marsden’s Alicante is full of life, (visually and literally).  It is an illustration that will capture your eye on a 48 sheet billboard passed at speed on a motorway, or brighten your morning when spotted in a metro on the bus.



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