Archive Sheffield

Archive Sheffield

Newspaper design for Archive Sheffield — a photography collective, documenting the unseen life and lives of Sheffield. 

Archive Sheffield Spread 2

So often, archival projects are retrospective and exclusive

Archive Sheffield challenge this convention by instead documenting present-day Sheffield activity and then disseminating it in an accessible way. 

Designed as an occasional free newspaper to be distributed by various establishments around the city, the publications are intended to encourage engagement and dialogue between as wide an audience as possible.

Archive Sheffield Spread 1

Sheffield is not place, it is people.

Archive Sheffield Cover Cropped

Archive Sheffield — Issue 2

Archive Sheffield Cover 1 Cropped

Archive Sheffield — Issue 1

Each 16-page publication afforded a double-sided pullout page for each of the four contributing photographers. Viewable as a separate entity when unbound, the juxtaposition of the projects when combined generated a new narrative between previously unrelated projects.

Archive Sheffield Back Crop

‘Even Wigan is beautiful compared to Sheffield.’ - George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier

With a wealth of (often derogatory) quotes about Sheffield to work with, it was decided that the cover of the newsprint publication should be typographic – using typefaces from Sheffield-based type foundry Stephenson Blake – rather than favouriting one of the edition’s contributors over the others. 

An additional folded B4 cover indexed the projects, providing information about the subjects of the photography, as well as thumbnails of the images for reference.

Founded by Clive Egginton in 2010, Archive Sheffield exists to create new photographic images to depict and preserve the diversity of the cities population. By developing relationships with both individuals and organisations Archive Sheffield will share an understanding of how Sheffield functions, our work, our leisure and our health, preserving them for future generations. At the heart of this project lies a belief that by reporting human experience accurately, honestly and with an overriding sense of social responsibility, it will serve to provide a credible source of images for decades to come. Sheffield is not place, it is people.


Web offset newspaper, B4 one-colour litho print colour (not sure of stock — probably Cylcus!), bound using metal paper fasteners.


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