Ambiguous Implements

Ambiguous Implements

Ambiguous Implements is a touring exhibition curated by Laura Mansfield in collaboration with Rachael Colley and Nuala Clooney.

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Bringing together 17 practitioners from the fields of design, jewellery, ceramics, metalwork and sculpture Ambiguous Implements presents a collection of contemporary works that playfully reconsider the familiar objects of our day to day domestic life. Re-thinking the tools we use for eating, grooming, cooking and cleaning, the exhibiting artists have employed and subverted traditional craft techniques, reframed existing tools in new sculptural assemblages, or given seemingly banal objects new functions and effects. Working with Laura on the exhibition identity and marketing we created a series of our own ‘ambiguous implements’. Fusing different tools together our designs play with a flip book format, reflecting the themes of the exhibition and creating a distinct identity.

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