A collection of historical facts, screen printed illustrations and fictional adverts amalgamated together in obscure sequence.

Almanac 04
Almanac 05

"You will almost certainly appreciate our entire cabinet when things are effortlessly catalogued for your convenience."

David Bartholemew

Almanac 06
Almanac 03
Almanac 02
Almanac Crop

Almanacs were a collaborative print project by Patrick Walker, Alan Cocks and Mick Marston. Working under the alter ego of Fine n Dandy the trio invited writer David Bartholomew to pen an encyclopedic array of text. Taking a day and noting its relevance across different years, the Almanacs presented a history of the world out of sequence, one date at a time. Spanning from the 5th of February 1889 to the industrial revolution, each of the Almanacs juxtaposed ground breaking events with mundane observations from across the centuries.

Continuing a layering of obscure association Marston’s screen printed illustrations masked and revealed aspects of the eclectic text – a visual episteme of integrated, albeit atypical, knowledge.


Edition of 100, 12 entries, printed offset litho & silk screen


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