32 Significant Moments

32 Significant Moments

A PhD outcome as a practical artist’s book.

A tool and reference material for other performance artists and academics, the book is resource for those trying to explain or justify their practice within the occasionally restrictive frameworks required in academia.

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Lisa Watts — performance, sculpture, photography and video artist, contacted us regarding her project 32 Significant Moments. Having recently finished her PHD, Lisa was ready to publish her thesis.

Lisa’s writing was a pleasure to work with for anyone who likes consistency, hierarchy and structure. Studio Activity Sheets were developed as a system of notation by Lisa during her practice, as a way to record, document and create dialogue for the processes in the making of art — making each of the thirty-two sections of the book follow the same order: The Moment — The Later Thought— The Much Later Thought.

Typographically this allowed for us to create styles, based on each of the different moments captured.

32 Significant Moments 1

The book contains a range of photographs documenting Lisa’s creative process as she works through, moves away from, and returns to a range of ideas about the plasticity of gum and the female body.

The gum used by Lisa was very specific, Lisa has experimented with many gums, and found ‘Wrigley's’ to be very similar in tone and in pigment to her skin and in particular, their Spearmint brand. Taking influence from the Wrigley's Spearmint Gum packaging and adverts — the colours, page markers, typefaces and deboss of the book are all references to the classic well-known brand.

32 Significant Moments 2
32 Significant Moment 3

23,000 words.

32 Significant Moments.

100 Books.

32 Significant Moments Back
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Micron Greyboard, screenprinted (2 colours) and de-bossed.
White and Cream inner pages, printed 2 colour digital pantone.

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